The Mak Media Agency is the result of a long term experience in image trade and close cooperations with photographers and stylists from all over Europe. We offer professional images in the range of decoration, life style, creative ideas, garden, floristry, nature and health.

To our wide range of customers belongs the leading European women's magazines, living, handicraft and garden titles as well as publishers for books and calenders.Pictures from our collections decorate the packaging of the horticultural industry - you will find all possible garden and indoor plants by Mak Media Agency. Our materials are used to locate products and to build websites.

We support our customers with professional research for suitable images and offer additional instructions how to do things or describe plants.

In our archive you will find a great selection of beautiful images for Christmas, Eastern or wedding, professional tips for gardening and house kipping, decorations step by step and interesting topics DIY, gorgeous home stories and redecoration tips – all around home and garden.

The images of the Mak Media Agency should inspire to create a lovely and friendly world.